Prayer is the fuel for any movement. Without prayer, it is impossible to keep the movement going or even get it started. As a rhythm, you want to develop a pattern of connecting with Jesus. Your pattern should not only contain rhythmic timing but also rhythmic topics. Stay in communication with the Holy Spirit about your movement.


  • GO

    Many believers struggle with this one. We can pray, we love to gather but going to people is sometimes a challenge. However, this rhythm is key to the success of a movement. Paul said, "Without someone to tell them, how will they hear?" As a rhythm, we need to have rhythmic plans for WHERE to go and rhythmic plans for HOW to go. Get going!



    Jesus was a master at gathering together with people. He met with people in their homes, the marketplace, the countryside, and in the synagogue - any place they naturally did life together. Gathering together is critical as it builds relationship with potential believers and allows them to experience Jesus in the midst of caring relationships. During this experience we eat together, discuss stories of Jesus, and take time to allow potential believers to experience God's love.


  • Guide

    Guiding is an exciting time. At this point new relationships are ready to turn into God relationships as potential believers start to have their minds changed regarding Jesus. During the guide process they have decided to follow him and aren't sure where to begin. At this point we introduce them to the 7 Experiences with Jesus. A simple and demonstrated process seen by new Jesus followers throughout history.